Because people matter to us...

At Saint-Gobain we value professional development. We are committed to the ongoing development of our employees through a variety of methods. 

Grow with Saint-Gobain


We developed a world-class e-learning platform called BOOST.

It is open to all employees via online access with up to 30 languages to choose from.

Training programmes

We anticipate our employees’ needs with regard to the format and type of training needed. Every year we have a “Learning Week”. 

This dynamic and fun event was designed to develop a learning culture where teams keep abreast of the latest market trends and become real innovation drivers. 

On-the-job development

We offer a structured process for learning, development, and personal growth through practical work experience.

Rather than teaching, our leaders facilitate learning by engaging employees in a developmental process. 

This means:

  • providing resources (e.g., assignments, information, feedback, access to people, and some one-on-one time) and support throughout the process
  • coaching and mentoring: a matching system that allows identified employees to spend time with a mentor, based on the leadership competencies and the mentee’s learning and development needs. 

Enjoy a career without boundaries

"Saint-Gobain's HR commitments give everyone a chance to develop and reinvent their careers in line with their skills and aspirations. Saint-Gobain encourages ongoing learning. From training programs to transfers between busniness sectors, career changes to geographic mobility, your professional development reflects the choices you make in having a career without boundaries" - Fanie Vos, HR & Corporate Communication Director

Do you have the Saint-Gobain ATTITUDES

Our Attitudes reflect both our heritage and our ambition to create great living places and improve daily life. By putting them into practice daily, we make this ambition a reality. 

Did you know ?

In 2016, the training effort was over than 25 hours per employee.