Fire, safety, security and maintenance requirements in the healthcare sector

Fire, safety, security and maintenance requirements in the healthcare sector.In addition to providing comfortable living spaces, Saint-Gobain’s solutions cover fire, safety and ease of maintenance in the healthcare sector.

Fire, safety and security

Evacuation in the event of a fire is important in healthcare facility design because of the restricted and limited mobility of vulnerable patients.

As per South African National Standard SANS 10400-T, Fire protection of building, non-combustible materials may be installed in the walls and ceilings of healthcare facilities.

Fire-resistance determines the fire behaviour of a structure. It is a direct consequence of materials used in the construction of the structure. Selected materials should allow time for safe evacuation of building occupants and aid intervention by rescue teams. These materials should also:

  • Limit, and not add to, the spread of fire.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation and smoke extraction during evacuation. (Limit the production of smoke and the release of toxic particles into the air.)
  • Limit heat release during evacuation. (Limited radiation).
  • Maintain the function of critical equipment, such as telecommunications networks.

Saint-Gobain solutions include:

  • Non-combustible ceiling and walling board and insulation.
  • Non-combustible duct insulation.
  • Plasterboard and high performance fire-resistant drywalling systems.
  • Passive, fire rated drywall and ceiling solutions providing vital time for occupants to evacuate the building in the event of a fire.
  • High-performance fire-resistant glass products, from single panes of modified toughened glass to fully insulation-interlayered products.
  • Safety films that protect from breaking glass while keeping the glass together in the event of breakage or explosions.
  • Security equipment for fire-resisting doors: A motorised lock for fire exit devices or a floor spring with a hold-open mechanism.
  • Cast iron soil and drain systems to ensure safe evacuation of contaminated effluent from buildings. Smoke is often the biggest killer in the first 30 minutes of any fire. Cast iron will not emit toxic fumes.


In healthcare facilities, each facility comprises a wide range of services and functional units to suit specific needs. In this sector, advances come quickly as medical technology improves and caregiving methods evolve.

That is why healthcare facilities favour durable construction materials that are also flexible in application.

Saint-Gobain provides solutions to help reduce the cost of renovations while offering significant cost savings in maintenance over the long term. These solutions include:

  • Impact-resistant systems for drywall areas subjected to increased wear and tear. (Hospital corridors are particularly susceptible to knocks by trolleys and general traffic.)
  • Glass fibre mesh fabrics to reinforce the wall surface.
  • Low-maintenance self-cleaning glass for less frequent and easier cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning and low maintenance architectural membranes for roofs and facades (parking lots) with chemical and physical properties that keep them white even in a polluted environment.
  • Cast iron pipe systems that withstand high working pressures and temperatures.
  • Chemical-resistant epoxy adhesive and grout for interior and exterior use where chemical resistance and impermeability is required (laboratories and ablution areas).
  • Mortar for joints resistant to mould, bacteria, algae and chemical attack.
  • Ceiling systems intended for environments where there is a risk of slight contamination and where regular cleaning is required.

Did you know ?

Safety films can protect from breaking glass while keeping the glass together in the event of breakage or explosions.