Green Building Council of South Africa, a greener office space with Saint-Gobain products

In 2013, the Green Building Council of South Africa took up residence at its refurbished green office at the Black River Park (BRP) complex in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa. Saint-Gobain solutions were specified to ensure energy efficiency, comfort, health and aesthetics, while simultaneously protecting natural resources.

saint gobain africa green council

The open-plan office was designed to accommodate the future growth expected at the council and embraces the GBCSA’s increasingly flexible, collaborative, and shared approach to office space and the work environment.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc supplied acoustic studs and SoundBloc boards on the walls to improve acoustic performance. Class A ceiling tiles, free-hanging Solo panels and wall panels were supplied by Saint-Gobain Ecophon to decrease the reverberation time, improve speech intelligibility and reduce the sound pressure level.

To improve indoor air quality, Saint-Gobain Gyproc Activ’ Air® board with air purifying technology was used. Saint-Gobain Isover specified Aerolite for better thermal and acoustic insulation. Isover Factorylite was installed under the roof sheeting to reduce rain impact noise.

Saint-Gobain’s products not only improve the indoor environments of end-users, they are also manufactured with environmental consideration. The company prioritises interventions for improved resource consumption, uses natural and recycled materials in manufacturing, and optimises production processes.

The GBCSA office achieved 4-Star Green Star SA Interiors rating using the Green Star SA Commercial Interiors rating tool.