Saint-Gobain Glass draped Kigali Heights in Rwanda

The façade of Kigali Heights is glazed with 7 600 square metres of Saint-Gobain glazing. The external envelope of a building not only fulfils the primary function of protecting the interior from the elements, it also projects an image to the outside world.

saint gobain africa glass kigali heights

Kigali Heights is a mixed usage development located in Kigali (Rwanda). It provides 12 500 square metres of high quality office space in a world-class building. It also offers about 5 500 square metres of flexible retail space on the lower two floors. 

The building fosters an energy efficient environment that maximises daylight harvesting.

The façade is glazed with 7 600 square metres of:

These materials have unique appearances and very specific optical qualities.

Did you know ?

Kigali Heights seeks to set the benchmark for future office development in Kigali.