Stand 47: A case study on how to build a better home

Stand 47 is a home situated on Monaghan Farm in South Africa that uses state-of-the-art building materials to create a home that is warmer, cooler, safer, quieter, healthier and more comfortable.

Situated in a serene setting on Monaghan Farm Eco Estate, Stand 47 serves as a model in contemporary building methods and materials for the high-end residential sector in South Africa.

Aesthetic, thermal, acoustic, air quality and modular comfort were kept in mind, so the design for Stand 47 was environmentally conscious from inception to completion. Key organisations partnered in the project, working towards the same goal over a period of two years between 2013 and 2014.

Stand 47 was designed with built-in flexibility – as well as with reduced material consumption, construction, maintenance and living costs in mind. This required innovative materials and construction methods, most of which Saint-Gobain advocates. From the external skin and ceilings to flooring and partitions, Saint-Gobain provided solutions to make the intended vision a success.

The home has a light-steel frame construction with Saint-Gobain Weber’s ETICS system for the external cladding and Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s ceiling and walling systems for the interior. These include Activ’Air FireStop for better indoor air quality and fire protection, Isover Cavitybatt (mineral wool), which provides thermal and acoustic insulation when used in the GypWall systems, as well as ceiling and under-floor insulation by Saint-Gobain Isover.

These materials work symbiotically with traditional masonry and stone to ensure overall comfort in the home and provide visual comfort for its occupants.

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"In the creation of Stand 47, we have shown that our products can create an efficient, healthy and safe home that is still luxurious and comfortable. The easy integration of Saint-Gobain Gyproc's lightweight building products with more traditional organic materials that we know and love - such as natural stone and wood - has made for an experience that changes our idea of the way we can live," says Evan Lockhart-Barker, General Manager: Marketing at Saint-Gobain Gyproc.

Did you know ?

The Stand 47 case study takes traditional materials, components, functions and processes and attempts to use them in a different way together with modern design principles, state of the art materials and technology.