Inaccurate information about Lodhia Gypsum investing in Pakistan

July 06 2018

There have been various reports in Pakistan and in online publications regarding Lodhia Gypsum investing in a plasterboard plant in Pakistan. 

In 2015, Saint-Gobain and the Lodhia Group entered into an agreement whereby Lodhia Gypsum Industries became a joint venture and was renamed Saint-Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries. 

Saint-Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries manufactures plasterboard in Tanzania and sells its production in Tanzania, Kenya and other neighbouring countries. It provides employment to 106 employees at its plant located in Arusha. 

Saint-Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries main priorities are to promote local production for the Tanzanian market and encourage exportation to neighbouring countries. 

No investment has ever been considered in Pakistan by the company.