Exigences pour la sécurité et maintenance des logements abordables

In addition to providing comfortable living spaces, Saint-Gobain’s solutions cover fire, safety and ease of maintenance in the affordable housing sector.

Fire, safety and security 

The reaction of building material to fire can save the lives of the building’s occupants. Saint-Gobain has a range of solutions to protect people and property.

These include:
•  Non-combustible ceiling board and insulation.
•  Plasterboard and high performance fire-resistant dry-walling systems.
•  Passive, fire rated drywall and ceiling solutions that provide vital time for occupants to evacuate the building in the event of a fire.
•  Safety films that protect from breaking glass, while keeping the glass together in the event of breakage or explosions.

Maintenance and cost

The more work required for maintenance, the higher the cost. Renovations may be out of reach and messy with traditional methods of building.

Saint-Gobain dry-walling systems are more efficient in facilitating change. Their use produces less waste and curbs unsightly working spaces, while allowing for low maintenance costs.

Drywall systems, ceilings and floor insulation may increase overall construction costs by 2 to 3 per cent compared with concrete-based construction.

However, combining all of Saint-Gobain systems can enable savings to up to 60 per cent on the bill, which largely compensates for this increase.

Did you know ?

In South Africa, Saint-Gobain provides a unique solution called Combi-Pack. It is a ceiling and insulation kit for moderately priced South African homes. This system was used to 7 000 housing units in the Gauteng Province in 2015.