Fire, safety, security and maintenance requirements in the individual housing sector

In addition to providing comfortable living spaces, Saint-Gobain’s solutions cover fire, safety and ease of maintenance in the individual housing sector.

Fire, safety and security

Homes that are structurally and fire safe promote a sense of security and wellbeing.

Saint-Gobain provides various solutions that have a direct impact on fire protection, safety and security. These include:

  • Non-combustible ceiling systems board and duct insulation.
  • Plasterboard and high-performance fire-resistant drywalling systems.
  • Passive, fire-rated drywall and ceiling solutions providing vital time for occupants to evacuate the building in the event of a fire.
  • High-performance fire-resistant glass products, from single panes of modified toughened glass to fully insulation-interlayered products.
  • Safety films that protect from breaking glass while keeping the glass together in the event of breakage or explosions.
  • Security equipment for fire-resisting doors: A motorised lock for fire exit devices or a floor spring with an electromagnetic hold-open mechanism.


Less effort is required when a house has a built-in capacity to change. This also reduces material use, as well as construction, maintenance, and living costs.

Every structure requires maintenance after a certain period.

This is mostly because of occupational wear and tear and the degradation of materials over time.

Did you know ?

It is preferable to use materials that allow ease of maintenance at low cost (such as steel frame structures and internal plasterboard walls).