Our support roles cover a wide range of skills and expertise. 

Support services are based at our corporate head office in Gauteng, South Africa. These functions ensure that the Saint-Gobain Group strategy is implemented successfully in the region and ensure that employees comply with policies and principles.

Support functions further enable Saint-Gobain’s businesses to develop throughout sub-Saharan Africa, facilitate the exchange of best practice and create a sense of community among the various Saint-Gobain business units.

Centralised services include:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal 
  • Marketing and Communication 
  • Procurement
  • IT 

Whatever your profile, there is surely a job for you at Saint-Gobain! 

A day in the life of an IT Manager….


A typical day is like an adventure. My team's motto is  "We do what we do... And we do it together.

I check-in with the team in India and the local team. I check in with my boss. I determine priorities for the day against the roadmap. I make provision for a flexibility buffer to re-prioritize based on criticality, urgency and business impact. 

Meetings are kept to a minimum. And off I go on my daily adventure, a quest to keep my customers satisfied.

I enjoy the opportunity to connect with my customers. Working at Saint-Gobain gives me a sense of pride. With every project I do, I see how it makes difference to the business and in the end to the life of individuals who work on it. I am passionate about technology and how it helps to make life simple.

Which Saint-Gobain Attitude do you embrace:  AGILITY - Many unexpected events can occur and to mitigate the pressure, constant communication and management of expectations become essential. It is imperative to remain flexible when encountering the unexpected.

A day in the life of a Marketing Specialist…


...means sharing  information with the market about products that will change people’s wellbeing. Being part of the Saint-Gobain Ecophon  is very fulfilling, because it allows me to spread knowledge about good acoustics that will improve sound comfort. To get feedback of how our sound absorbing products have made a big difference in any space, be it in healthcare, education, leisure, office or any other environment, puts a cherry on top. My job has yet again impacted another life.

What do you enjoy most? I enjoy engaging with clients. Saint-Gobain has a very warm and welcoming culture with the friendliest staff who are always willing to help.

Advice: Be passion driven, have zeal for the job ,  go the extra mile. This role comprises a lot of fun activities that are effective for the business.

A day in the live of a Transformation Manager…


...comprises of meetings with key stakeholders about making short and long term strides that will impact our B-BBEE scorecard in a meaningful way . Our target audience includes employees, external stakeholders and the transformation team.

What do you enjoy most? The people I work with are a blessing and I enjoy the wonderful family environment. 

What attracted you to Saint-Gobain?

Its multi-national French footprint.

Advice: I would encourage you to establish and harness relationships to navigate effectively in the organisation

Did you know ?

With its presence in the sub-Saharan Africa since 1929, Saint-Gobain now has five representative offices, eight showrooms with employees in 12 countries and more than 1300 employees.