Saint-Gobain supplied the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Johannesburg

Gyproc RhinoLite plasters were used in the construction of the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel because they provide high quality interior surfaces.

saint gobain radisson blu south africa

The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel is located in the heart of Sandton, (Johannesburg, South Africa). The hotel’s design concept is based on a train station theme, in reference to the Gautrain rail station situated opposite the hotel.

This hotel is seen as setting a new architectural standard in the South African hospitality sector. Its walls, including bathroom “pods”, are made of Saint-Gobain Gyproc drywall systems and finished with RhinoLite plaster for a fine aesthetic. 

The walls in the hotel (hallway and demising walls) were constructed using Gyproc drywall systems – Gyproc FireStop System 1012F12OS55.

The system has the following components and properties:

  • The framework consists of 102 mm Gypframe™ UltraSTEEL studs and 102 mm Gypframe™ UltraSTEEL studs
  • A 120 min fire rated system performance
  • Rw 55 dB acoustic performance
  • 2x Gyproc 15 mm FireStop boards were clad on each side of the framework.
  • In wet areas, the 15 mm facing board layers of the FireStop system were replaced with Gyproc MoistureResistant boards
  • Drywall cavities were filled with Isover 102 mm CavityBatt insulation batts for improved thermal and acoustic performance
  • For a fine aesthetic finish, the drywall systems were skimmed with Gyproc RhinoLite plaster.

Weber products were also used in the construction:

  • WB 114 – (QuickSet6) - A fast-setting adhesive
  • WB 33 – A Weber tile grout available in 11 colours
  • Plaskey WB250 - a cement-based primer and surface preparation material suitable for interior and exterior use, specially formulated to provide an excellent water-resistant all-purpose preparation for tiling. It is designed for wall and floor applications.
  • Key-it WB117 - for use in conjunction with weber.prim Plaskey WB250 as a bonding coat for gypsum and cement surfaces.
  • Waterproof-it Shower - an under-tile tanking system for the waterproofing of shower cubicles prior to the fixing of ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles for gypsum and cement surfaces.

Did you know ?

Various ceiling sections, including acoustic ceiling systems, were supplied by Saint-Gobain Gyproc to create a functional, modern feel alongside the subtle design details reflecting the rail theme.