Saint-Gobain issues challenges for AfricArena 2018

August 23 2018

AfricArena is a conference that showcases Africa’s best start-ups and innovators in front of an audience of local and international investors looking for world-class talent.

Start-ups from all over Africa pitch their services and battle against other start-ups to solve challenges as defined by the sponsors. 

  • Saint-Gobain’s first challenge is to find a trend analysis tool that is able to predict urban and climate challenges, and inform the market of solutions.
  • In the second challenge, we are looking for a way to upgrade professionals’ skills, increase product knowledge, and empower skilled and unskilled workers to create their own job opportunities.

                                                         The final pitch event to the Saint-Gobain team takes place in Cape Town on 15-16 November.

                                                          Discover our challenges: HERE