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Sustainable Construction Barometer

In the face of increasingly intensive planetwide challenges, the construction sector must shift rapidly and comprehensively toward sustainable construction. The aim of this mobilization must be to drastically and permanently reduce construction-related greenhouse gas emissions, to preserve non-renewable natural resources, to reduce energy and to provide decent, comfortable housing for all.

With its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the Saint-Gobain Group has voiced its ambition to be the worldwide leader in sustainable construction. Saint-Gobain is determined to play a key role in this transition and become a reference company that is both pioneer and driver, to bring all stakeholders on board.


The Observatory takes the pulse of sustainable construction in the world: perception and reality, barriers and progress levers, anticipated solutions, the most active stakeholders, and so on. It allows us to measure progress and identify action areas in which to focus our collective effort


The Observatory compiles knowledge, testimonials and analyses relating to the challenges and solutions of sustainable construction: it is intended to be a tool for teaching and raising awareness, and an aid to decision-making for all the stakeholders concerned.

Constructing a Sustainable Future
The Sustainable Construction Observatory has launched, the digital magazine Constructing a sustainable future, to shed light on sustainable construction, its impact on the climate and society, and to discover innovative solutions and inspiring projects.

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The Observatory brings together key figures from a still-fragmented worldwide market. Uniting construction professionals, institutions and citizens, it promotes the sharing of ideas and best practice and helps to create and roll out solutions.


The Sustainable Construction Observatory organizes regular international meetings around major multilateral events.