Top employer certification for South Africa

March 08 2018


For the third year in a row, Saint-Gobain has received Top Employer Global certification. It is one of 13 companies worldwide to receive this accolade. This year, 31 countries in which Saint-Gobain operates were considered – South Africa being one of them.  

The Top Employer Institute, an independent organisation, considered the openness and mobility between the company’s businesses, HR innovation, the Group’s learning organisation culture and Saint-Gobain’s Attitudes. 

The five Saint-Gobain Attitudes that all Group employees adopt are: Cultivate customer intimacy, Act as an entrepreneur, Innovate, Be agile and Build an open and engaging culture.

The annual study conducted by the Top Employers Institute singles out the best employers in the world, that is, those that provide a high-quality work environment, encourage talent development at all levels, and strive to continuously improve their HR practices.

Under the process applied by the Top Employers Institute, participating companies must meet very stringent criteria to be certified. For each country, the study considers a questionnaire covering 600 working condition practices, which are approved and then audited by Grant Thornton.