Case Study

Bio-Medical Research Institute

Stellenbosch University's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, known for its innovative initiatives, recently established the Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), equipped with cutting-edge facilities and a focus on addressing Africa's health challenges. The successful completion of the project, integrating Ash & Lacy systems with Isover insulation and advanced acoustic solutions, underscores the importance of technical support. With a focus on acoustic performance and fire safety, the project, executed in three phases over eight years, achieved its goals in a four-year construction period. Emphasizing sustainability, the project earned a 4 Star Green Star rating. Collaboration with stakeholders ensured seamless installation. Notably, the Saint-Gobain team's expertise was evident in overcoming technical challenges. 

Project Problem

Challenge 1 – Existing building constraints posed technical challenges with the ceilings and bulkheads – The entire team collaborated to redesign solutions.

Challenge 2 – Navigating the project within an adjusted control budget posed a significant challenge, requiring careful resource allocation and strategic decision-making to ensure project success while maintaining financial constraints.

Challenge 3 –  All technical support was temporarily withdrawn until written confirmation exclusively endorsing Saint-Gobain solutions was obtained, demanding swift resolution to ensure project continuity and quality assurance.

Project Solutions

Acoustic comfort ceilings and walls to limit external noise
Thermal comfort ceilings and walls for energy-efficient indoor temperature comfort control
Lightweight solutions to save on waste management and foundation costs for the building
Dry build solutions to minimise water consumption during the build

Saint-Gobain Product Solutions: 

Ceilings: Ecophon Hygiene Clinic™ A, Gedina™ A supported by Gypframe grid
Walls: RhinoBoard® FireStop® dB plasterboard
Insulation: Isover Ductwrap® on all HVAC systems, 135 mm Factorylite® insulation in the Atrium.