Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Saint-Gobain Africa supports the development of African cities by providing tailored housing solutions for various income segments, from affordable to high-end housing, to meet the demands of urbanization.

Key Objectives

  1. Affordable Housing: Saint-Gobain offers solutions for affordable housing to ensure safe and comfortable living spaces for those with limited financial resources.
  2. Well-being: The company focuses on creating buildings that promote health, comfort, and productivity through features like good indoor air quality, natural lighting, thermal comfort, and noise reduction.
  3. Environmental Impact: By using eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable construction practices, Saint-Gobain aims to minimize the environmental footprint of buildings.
  4. Life Cycle Perspective: Saint-Gobain considers the entire life cycle of buildings, from raw material extraction to recycling, to ensure long-term sustainability.

Commitment to Innovation

  • Saint-Gobain showcases innovative solutions such as high-performance insulation, advanced glass products, sustainable drywall systems, and intelligent construction chemicals.
  •  The company engages with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to promote best practices in sustainable construction and energy efficiency.

Saint-Gobain Africa's efforts are crucial in enhancing the well-being of inhabitants and contributing to a sustainable future for African urban landscapes.