Saint-Gobain has developed tailored solutions for Quantity Surveyors.

Saint-Gobain solution specifications have been developed for efficient access on the WinQS platform for Quantity Surveyors.

Updated Saint-Gobain solution specifications are now available in the Bill of Quantity format, on WinQS for all Quantity Surveyors utilization.
Saint-Gobain is supportive of the efficient collaboration between Architects and Quantity Surveyors.

A visual of the Bill of Quantity description of Saint-Gobain products is always available on screen without having to print or preview and WinQS provides a full audit trail that is maintained to view who created and edited a product or system.
On WinQS, Saint-Gobain products and systems are numbered and summarized. Collection Pages and controlling of pagination is all compiled automatically by the WinQS system. Download WinQS in the link below.