Office Space

Saint-Gobain Africa is committed to advancing urban development by providing tailored solutions for commercial and office buildings. Their focus is on creating spaces that enhance productivity, comfort, and sustainability to meet the evolving demands of African cities.

Key Objectives


  1. Efficient and Sustainable Design: Saint-Gobain offers innovative solutions for commercial and office spaces to ensure they are energy-efficient and sustainable, addressing the needs of businesses and urban growth.
  2. Well-being: The company prioritizes the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants by integrating features like superior indoor air quality, natural lighting, thermal comfort, and noise reduction.
  3. Environmental Impact: By using eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable construction practices, Saint-Gobain aims to reduce the environmental footprint of commercial and office buildings.
  4. Life Cycle Perspective: Saint-Gobain considers the entire life cycle of buildings, from raw material extraction to recycling, to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience.

Meeting Sustainability Challenges

With buildings accounting for 56% of energy consumption in Africa, Saint-Gobain Africa addresses energy efficiency and sustainability through:

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): Conducts lifecycle environmental assessments on all building product families, providing transparency about their environmental impact.
Non-Residential Buildings: Targeted solutions for new construction or renovation projects to optimize energy-efficient design and occupant wellbeing.

Thermal Comfort Solutions

Saint-Gobain Africa enhances thermal comfort with:

  • Drywall Systems: Better thermal performance than brickwork.
  • Solar Control Glass: Regulates solar radiation entry.
  • Insulation Materials: Reduce unwanted heat loss/gain.
  • ETICS Systems: Minimize heat flow, cut energy consumption.
  • Vapour Control Membranes: Prevent humidity intrusion.
  • Waterproofing Solutions: Reflect heat and improve thermal comfort.

Acoustic Comfort Solutions

Saint-Gobain Africa improves acoustic comfort through:

  • Sound Insulating Materials: Reduce external noise.
  • Acoustic Ceilings and Panels: Decrease reverberation, enhance indoor acoustics.
  • Duct Insulation: Mitigate HVAC system noise.
  • Floating Floor Felts: Minimize impact noise from traffic.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Saint-Gobain Africa ensures healthier indoor environments with:

  • Moisture-Resistant Systems: For walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Condensation Prevention: Using warm edge spacer bars and duct insulation.
  • Low Emission Adhesives: For tiles and flooring.

Visual Comfort Solutions

Saint-Gobain Africa enhances visual comfort by:

  • Drywall Systems: Offer design flexibility.
  • Decorative Panels: Combine aesthetics with functionality.
  • Glass and Window Films: Optimize natural light while controlling heat.

Surface-Mounted Systems: Maintain clean aesthetics.


Saint-Gobain Africa's efforts are crucial in enhancing the well-being of commercial building occupants and contributing to a sustainable future for African urban landscapes. Through innovation and a commitment to sustainability, they help shape efficient and eco-friendly office and commercial spaces that support the continent's growth and development.

Commitment to Innovation

  • Advanced Solutions:

Saint-Gobain showcases cutting-edge solutions such as high-performance insulation, advanced glass products, sustainable drywall systems, and intelligent construction chemicals.

  • Collaboration with Professionals:

The company works closely with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to promote best practices in sustainable construction and energy efficiency.

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Having a better view out of an office window is associated with better overall performance, with productivity increased by 7 to 12 per cent.