Case Study

Enhancing Healthcare Excellence at Hillcrest Private Hospital, Durban

Hillcrest Private Hospital, located in the vibrant city of Durban, South Africa, has been a leading healthcare institution since its inception in 1996. Founded by a team of dedicated medical professionals, the hospital's primary goal was to provide exceptional and compassionate healthcare services to the local community and beyond. Over the years, Hillcrest Private Hospital has earned a reputation for its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge medical technology, and a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare practitioners.

Customised solutions from Gyproc South Africa, Saint-Gobain PAM, Isover South Africa and Weber South Africa reduced staff and patient stress levels at Hillcrest Private Hospital near Durban.

Healthcare State in South Africa:

South Africa's healthcare system has undergone significant transformation over the years. Historically, the country's healthcare infrastructure faced challenges related to accessibility, equity, and funding. However, in recent times, substantial efforts have been made by the government and private healthcare institutions to address these issues and improve healthcare services.

With a growing population and an increasing demand for quality healthcare, private hospitals like Hillcrest have played a vital role in complementing the public healthcare system. Private hospitals are known for their efficiency, advanced medical equipment, and shorter waiting times, making them a preferred choice for many patients seeking specialized treatments and personalized care.


Key to delivering a comfortable hospital experience were Gyproc Gyprex™ vinyl-faced ceiling tiles and Ecophon Gedina™ acoustic tiles.

Gyproc Gyprex™ vinyl-faced ceiling tiles are specially developed to be easy to maintain and wipe clean, making them the ideal suspended ceiling solution for hygiene sensitive areas. More than 4 470 square metres of these tiles were installed in the hospital’s rooms, reception area and corridors.

As always in cases where functional acoustic requirements are high and design possibilities limited, the easily demountable Ecophon Gedina™ acoustic tiles were an excellent choice for Hillcrest Private Hospital.

This newly built 175-bed hospital, which opened its doors in 2016, is nestled in the suburb of Hillcrest, 30 minutes north of central Durban. It offers an extensive range of medical facilities designed to meet the growing needs of the community.

BVA Architects was the lead architect on the project.


Roof insulation: About 8 449 m2 of Isover Energylite 47,5 mm reinforced aluminum foil faced insulation
Ceilings and partitions: 1 014 m2 of Gyproc GypWall HiSpec drywall systems (With Gyproc FireStop fire resistant boards); About 3 132 m2 of Gyproc GypWall Classic; About 1 200x600x12,5 mm Gyproc Gyprex ceiling systems; 467 m2 of Gyproc Prestige S concealed grid ceiling systems; Ecophon Gedina
Flooring: 4 796 m2 of Weber self-levelling screed to screeded floors; Weber tile adhesive under 1 497 m2 of ceramic tiles