Case Study


Through the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation, Saint-Gobain funded and provided technical expertise for the renovation of the Kinbu Primary School located in Accra, Ghana.


Built in 1997 with UNICEF aid and then renovated with the support of the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation, Kinbu Primary School was inaugurated in October 2015.

The Foundation funded the restoration of the playground, which was initially made of laterite (red brick).

Having adopted the Kinbu Early Childhood Development Centre in Ghana in 2015, the Saint-Gobain West Africa team ended 2016 on an inspiring note by spending a day at the school doing renovation jobs.

Staff members painted, mended roof leaks, weeded, cleaned and replaced fascia boards, ceilings and sanitary facilities. The team also donated gas cylinders with accessories, stationery and potties to Street Girls Aid, the organisation that founded the Kinbu Centre.

Westtar Kapito, regional business executive of Saint-Gobain Development West Africa, says that the company considers early childhood education to be the foundation of life-long learning, and that it shapes how children view the world and interact with it. “We therefore believe in helping to create safe and comfortable education spaces where the dreams and aspirations of our future leaders, innovators and captains of industry can take root and flourish.”