Case Study

Stand 47 Case Study: Building Better Homes in Gauteng, South Africa - A Saint-Gobain Africa Success Story

Situated in a serene setting on Monaghan Farm Eco Estate (Gauteng, South Africa), Stand 47 serves as a model in contemporary building methods and materials for the high-end residential sector in South Africa with a direct focus on comfort.

Aesthetic, thermal, acoustic, air quality and modular comfort were kept in mind, so the design for Stand 47 was environmentally conscious from inception to completion. Together with Saint-Gobain Africa , key organisations partnered in the project, working towards the same goal over a period of two years between 2013 and 2014 to deliver a contemporary embodiment of comfort and sustainability.


Our approach is to show how you can build a better, more comfortable home that adapts to the changing needs of your family over time using fewer resources and innovative materials to conveniently do so.


Our results after completion and testing show our guests confirming that building a home using state-of-the-art Saint-Gobain materials has measurable and proven multi-comfort benefits.

Our multi-comfort principles are centered around the human senses, to ensure overall comfort in the spaces we spend most of our time in while safeguarding the environment. It is all about design and technology, beauty and safety, efficiency and sustainability:

  • Feel — How to reduce energy bills 
  • Breathe — How to improve indoor air quality 
  • Hear — How to improve acoustics (insulation and absorption)
  • See — How to introduce as much natural light as possible


Thermal comfort – maintaining comfortable internal temperatures within an airtight building envelope by providing highly effective thermal insulation and relative humidity. Limit extreme internal temperature variables, summer overheating, drafts or surface heating.  Thermal Comfort is achieved largely through the design and insulation of the external shell of the house (roof, walls, and floor) and include, the temperature of the air, from objects in a house, water vapour (humidity) in the air, and the rate that air moves through the interior.