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Mauritius bridge used Saint-Gobain products to protect environment


A new bridge in Mauritius used Saint-Gobain products in its construction so that sensitive riverine and oceanic wildlife was protected as much as possible.

Mauritius’ Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth officially opened the Sir Anerood Jugnauth bridge, a 330m dual carriageway linking the towns of Chebel and Soreze via the Grand River North West valley, on 11 March 2024. 

The bridge lies just south of Mauritius’ capital, Port Louis and is named after Pravind Jugnauth’s father, Anerood Jugnauth, who served as Mauritius president from 2003 to 2012 and died in 2021.

Collaborating on the bridge meets our eco-innovation policy commitment to providing customers with innovative solutions that have reduced environmental impact across their full life cycle. 

The bridge stands on box girders planted in basalt, a hard rock, below the bed of the Grand River North West, which runs into the Indian Ocean. Mauritius’ tourism industry, which according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, accounted for 19.5% of its GDP in 2019, is in large part dependent on the island’s natural beauty.

Saint-Gobain Products Used

Products from Saint-Gobain subsidiary Chryso that helped the bridge builders mitigate environmental impact include Chrysofluid R Optima 100, a concrete additive that maintains plastic conditions for an extended period, and Chryso Dem Bio15, a ready to use delayed mould-release agent formulated from vegetable raw materials. 

Chryso Dem Bio15 is free from any aromatic solvents and allows the subsequent application of rendering and paint.

Other Saint-Gobain products used include several of a.b.e’s products: duragrout, a non-shrink grouting compound used to effect large repairs in concrete, and durarep FR, a fibre-reinforced structural repair mortar to make small repairs to concrete. Also used in the construction was a.b.e’s durarep Zinc Rich, an anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement; duracure WBW, a water-based concrete curing compound; durarep Fluid Micro Concrete, used to seal assistive devices; epidermix 372, an epoxy adhesive used to seal equipment such as guardrails, and epidermix 344, a structural wet-to-dry concrete adhesive.

The bridge construction required special expertise, as it used extra-dosed technology, meaning that it combines the main elements of a prestressed box girder bridge and a cable-stayed bridge.