Everything can be transformed

The Film

Our film highlights the transformation of the construction sector and focuses on young people, because who better than them to embody our message of optimism and renewal?


The worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction! Saint-Gobain is ready to share its vision for the world of tomorrow with its customers, stakeholders and all those who want to change the construction industry, to make it more frugal, less carbon-intensive and more committed to the circular economy.

Our new communication campaign reflects our commitment. ​If cities can be transformed, it is because our materials have the power to do so. Every day, by innovating, designing, manufacturing and distributing eco-designed materials that are lighter, more efficient and consume less energy, all Saint-Gobain teams contribute to create more sustainable buildings.

As we write in large letters on our posters, "Everything can be transformed": homes, schools, hospitals, and cities throughout the world. Saint-Gobain is there now, as it will be for the generations to come, represented here by two children. 

Our new campaign is also a call for mobilization. ​It is with architects, developers, builders, trade professionals, cities and individuals that we are transforming the world of construction. The entire value chain is at work and in motion. It starts with materials and solutions. It is based on the purpose that drives us: “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.- Benoit Bazin, CEO

Sustainable Construction in Pictures

And what if, to truly embody sustainable construction, the challenge was to show what transforms it? Whether for individual or collective housing infrastructure or within our distribution network, Saint-Gobain solutions are accompanying this transformation.