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Gyproc Habito® board is a next-generation plasterboard which consists of a specially reinforced gypsum core designed for high strength and fixing capability.



Gypsum plasterboard with a higher-density core is specifically designed to achieve greater levels of sound insulation.

Gyproc moisture

Gyproc® Moisture Resistant Board 12mm

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board 12mm is recommended for use in intermittent moisture applications in interior areas such as in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling & drywall installations.

Gyproc finishing

Gyproc® Wall Finish Skim Coat Plaster

Gyproc Wall Finish is a white, gypsum-based super fine finishing plaster suitable for skim coating applications of 1 3 mm thick onto interior walls and ceilings It has an extra lightweight, but meaty consistency that ensures good workability and improves coverage on cement-rendered, concrete or dryw