Health and safety are at the heart of our corporate culture to protect all our partners, beyond applicable local legislation when necessary.

With our employees, temporary workers and contractors

Ensure health and safety:

  • Of all our employees
  • Of all the people present on our sites: employees, temporary workers, contractors

For our suppliers, clients, end-user and local communities

Ensure health and safety:

  • Of clients and users of our products and solutions
  • Of our suppliers
  • Neighbours around our sites and points of sale

The health and safety of employees are absolute priorities, and Saint-Gobain makes them central to its corporate culture. The Group’s commitments are published in the EHS Charter, and in the new Health policy published in February 2022. It includes a specific area on the use of products. It aims to protect the health and promote the well-being of its employees, customers and suppliers, users of its products, as well as residents adjacent to its sites; and to ensure the safe use of its products and solutions throughout their life cycle.

Claire Pedini, the Senior Vice-President, in charge of the Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, is responsible for the EHS charter and the Health policy.

Policies are available on the Saint-Gobain website.

It is important for everyone to participate in their own health and safety, as well as the safety of all of their colleagues.

Our commitments are published in our EHS Charter, which sets out the following four principles:

  • compliance with regulations and Saint-Gobain standards;
  • exemplary behaviour in processes, products and services over the entire life cycle;
  • ongoing prevention and reduction of risks for employees, temporary workers, subcontractors, visitors, customers and the environment;
  • ongoing dialogue with stakeholders.

This charter is accompanied by a letter of commitment from the Chief Executive Officer reminding everyone of the goals of zero occupational accidents and zero occupational illnesses and the principles

To ensure the same level of protection and medical care for all Saint-Gobain employees worldwide, we have established mandatory standards and recommendations for health and industrial hygiene. Each site adapts them according to its local specificities and requirements. In addition to managing workplace health risks, be they of a chemical, physical, ergonomic or psychological nature, the Health policy also promotes the general health of all our employees, through actions to prevent sickness linked to individual risk factors such as sedentary lifestyles or smoking and to promote health.

By 2023, 100% of Saint-Gobain employees and their families will enjoy the full benefits of the CARE by Saint- Gobain program. Newly-acquired entities have three years to finalize the roll-out of the program.

The EHS Frame of Reference

A new version of the EHS Reference Framework was made available in 2020. The framework describes the EHS management system to be put in place to achieve the EHS objectives and achieve an autonomous and interdependent EHS culture. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement. It takes into account the following:

  • international management standards in the three areas of EHS: ISO 45001:2018 for health and safety and ISO 14001:2015 for the environment;
  • the specific requirements of SAINT-GOBAIN, in particular the Group’s EHS standards.

“Our objective is clear: zero work-related illnesses and zero accidents” Claire Pedini, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility

The objective: ZERO ACCIDENT

Safety is a matter for all and requires individual responsibility so that everyone can become an actor in their own safety and that of their colleagues. Security visits are organized in all the group's sites according to the SMAT standard (Safety Management Tool). Potential dangerous acts and conditions are the subject of immediate action or of an action integrated into an action plan.

In 2023, we have carried out 478,864 SMAT visits, representing a ratio of 2,6 visits per employee, temporary employee and subcontractor.

While the Saint-Gobain group is seeing a steady decline in the number of work-related accidents, we are continuing to improve, convinced that the objective of zero accidents is within our reach.


At the end of 2023, the TRAR (total recordable accident rate with and without lost time for Saint-Gobain employees, temporary workers and permanent subcontractors) was 1.3.
234 sites with more than 1 million hours worked without lost-time accidents,
Reduction of TRAR by 18% between 2022 and 2023
79% of sites have been accident-free for at least one year