We have developed an inclusive growth model that takes into account environmental, social and societal challenges and the expectations of its stakeholders. In an increasingly local, digital and sustainable world, the Saint-Gobain's strategy and structure is adapting to these changes.

By our operations

  • Thanks to a range of integrated solutions for customers in each country and end market, we meet the full breadth of needs of the construction world and industry;
  • We develop and design sustainable solutions to accompany the growing demand in accommodation and infrastructures, by providing adequate answers locally

With the local communities

  • We have built the Group’s purpose around local values and on the grounds that a company is part of an ecosystem that she must listen to become a key partner of local development.

Direct jobs, indirect jobs and jobs generated by the Group

We participate to economic and industrial dynamics in regions where we have established sites, as well as in suppliers’ labor pools. Saint-Gobain’s employment footprint can thus be calculated at three levels:

  • direct jobs, which take into account the Group’s paid employment;
  • indirect jobs, which take into account employment generated by purchases of the Group among its suppliers and subcontractors;
  • induced jobs, which take into account employment triggered by purchases within the national economy made by direct employees of the Group through the wages they receive and by the employees of Saint-Gobain’s suppliers to the extent of their solicitation in the purchasing frame of the Group

For every 1 job directly created by the Group, more than 3 indirect jobs and 1 induced job are generated.

With a localized impact all over the world

We deploy our innovation capacity to offer a portfolio of products and solutions developed locally, and therefore adapted to the needs of local markets. We establish management teams that come from the country of operations.

In each country where we operate, we forge partnerships with SMEs for technical support and know-how transfers by group employees. We work in favor of development networks and local structures and participate in programs for the professional integration of young people marginalized from employment.

Inclusive societal actions

Our organization is based on strong local decision-making autonomy and active collaboration with communities. As a result, the deployment of global diversity and inclusion programs or programs with a social dimension is adapted to local situations to optimize their positive impacts for local populations.

Our Group defends an inclusive growth model that takes into account social, societal and environmental impacts and is committed to support communities development.

Our organization is based on strong local decision-making autonomy. Each country defines its own actions based on the needs and expectations of their local stakeholders.

After several months of co-construction with over 200 employees worldwide and external stakeholders, we have unveiled our new sponsorship and philanthropy policy, an ambitious approach aligned with our purpose, Making The World a Better Home. BUILD CHANGE is the program that unites specific actions around a strategic focus: helping communities in the regions where the Group operates while inspiring and accelerating the transition to sustainable construction. The program is structured around two pillars: training for young people and access to housing.

Saint-Gobain’s philanthropic initiatives are complementary to the Saint-Gobain Foundation

The Saint-Gobain Foundation

The Saint-Gobain International Corporate Foundation is based on employee commitment. All Group employees – both current and retired – can sponsor solidarity actions in two areas:

  • the professional integration of young adults in difficulty;
  • the construction, improvement or renovation, in the general interest, of living places for people in precarious situations, contributing in particular to reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment.

In 2023, the Saint-Gobain Foundation supported 35 projects in 13 countries.