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OneBond 042

OneBond 042

OneBond 042 is a versatile thread sealant for hydraulic and pneumatic threads, connectors (up to 20mm), and small pipes. It has low viscosity, is non-toxic, and provides a medium strength seal. It effectively seals against extreme temperatures, gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils, and chemicals.

OneBond 070

OneBond 070

OneBond 070 is a versatile, medium strength pipe thread sealant with non-toxic, non-sagging properties. It effectively seals gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils, and chemicals, even in extreme temperatures. It provides an instant seal, eliminating the need for PTFE tape or yarn. 

Onebond 116

OneBond 116

OneBond 116 is a non-toxic thread locker for securing nuts and bolts during repair and maintenance. It has medium strength and viscosity, low run-off, and high resistance to vibration, heat, corrosion, water, gas, oils, and chemicals.

Onebond 160

OneBond 160

OneBond 160 is a powerful adhesive for securing threaded fasteners with low viscosity, high strength, and non-toxic properties. It resists extreme temperatures, corrosion, vibration, water, gases, oils, and chemicals. Suitable for slip and press fittings, it is versatile for industrial applications.

onebond 725

Onebond 725

OneBond 725 is a low viscosity, general purpose instant adhesive widely used for general purpose MRO applications. It is recommended for use on non-porous substrates such as plastics and rubbers.


OneBond 737

OneBond 737 adhesive is designed to withstand high impacts, shock, and vibrations, making it an ideal choice for bonding plastics, rubber, and metal, particularly in applications where impact or vibration is prevalent. 

Onebond 754

Onebond 754

OneBond 754 is a versatile adhesive gel formulated for vertical and angled applications. It bonds porous and acidic materials (e.g., foams, wood, paper, leather, fabrics) as well as non-porous substrates like metals and thermoplastics. It provides high bond strength and flexibility.

Onebond 793

OneBond 793

OneBond 793 is a general purpose, medium viscosity instant adhesive recommended for bonding porous, non-porous and acidic substrates including all types of wood, chipboard, cork and paper made products. It can also bond foam, metals, thermoplastics, leather and ceramics. It is resistant up to +120ºC

OneBond 8740

OneBond 8740

OneBond 8740 is a durable 2-part repair adhesive that retains its properties in challenging environments and high temperatures. It withstands UV light, saltwater, hydrolysis, and chemical exposure.