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Weber Colplus

Weber Col Plus

webercol plus is a ready mix cement-based high performance polymer “latex” modified tile adhesive for inter-nal and external use. webercol plus has a strong bonding effect, used for adhering large tiles, or in cases of permanent exposure to high degrees of humidity. 

WeberDry Plus

Weber Dry Plus

Weber Dry Plus is a mixture composed of a binder (hydraulic, aerial, or synthetic), aggregates that form the framework or structure of the mortar (such as sands, fillers, aggregates of various materials), and, optionally, coloring pigments, additives, or various additives.


Weber Floor Dur

High-performance self-levelling polymeric technical screed in a thin layer with thicknesses from 5 to 30 mm for renovation and levelling of industrial pavements and car parks that require demanding planimetry and high resistance. 

WeberCol Premium

WeberCol Premium

Webercol Plus Premium is a high-performance cement-based polymer-modified adhesive for fixing all types of tiles and stones onto interior and exterior floors and walls. Recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms and swimming pools.