G3 Pro All-In-One Polish

<b>RESTORE <b>
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<b>RESTORE <b>
  • Removes swirls, holograms, and chalking
  • Eliminated micro-scratches, light oxidation and hazing
  • Silicone free – bodyshop safe

G3 Pro All-In-One Polish is a highly versatile product. High spec compounding technology is built into this polish to combine great cutting of medium and minor defects with a deep gloss finish. All In One Polish restores the condition of many different surfaces and coatings including paint, lacquer, chrome, plastic lenses and glass. Use by hand or with a polishing machine to eliminate medium and minor scratches, swirls, holograms, oxidation, watermarks and more, leaving a high shine finish and a base layer of water repellency prior to final
sealing or waxing.

Finish with G3 Pro Spray Wax, Resin Superwax or SuperGloss Paste Wax for the ultimate protection and super gloss result.